Staying in FDA Compliance with Greater Confidence

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The regulatory demands on companies in the natural products industry are growing almost as fast as the industry itself. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is cracking down on companies for making false product claims, including misleading  “all-natural” and “organic”  labeling.  The strict enforcement of FDA regulations is one of the most critical issues facing the natural products industry today.


Increase Transparency

To help overcome the growing regulatory challenges and protect your company against inspections, audits, and lawsuits that can derail your business, it’s prudent to get ahead of the curve and be proactive in aligning your company’s operations with the high values and standards of the natural products industry. This means stringent oversight, quality control and tracking of your company’s suppliers, manufacturing processes, and inventory to ensure that ingredients and labeling claims are accurate and to help identify and mitigate any potential risks.

The main directive for companies, large and small, is to not make false claims or product claims you can not substantiate.  Securing greater transparency in your company’s operations and the ability to track and substantiate labeling claims, including those of your suppliers, is critical.



With litigation and FDA enforcement of regulations becoming more aggressive, strategic, forward-thinking companies are addressing the issue proactively through self-regulation. Understanding and tracking every aspect of your business requires better, more accurate information in sourcing ingredients, monitoring the manufacturing process for quality and safety, and maintaining inventory and distribution controls. The immense amount of activities and data that fuel your company need to be harnessed and integrated into one efficient, streamlined system.


Don’t Let Compliance Issues Derail Your Business

At Cornerstone Consulting, we can help you stay in compliance, manage risk, and monitor your supply chain integrity to meet consumer demand for high-quality products with greater peace of mind. We work collaboratively with our clients to help identify and mitigate potential compliance issues that they may not be aware of in their business operations.

Our customized business management software solutions can monitor and track your business activities and substantiate product claims accurately and cost-effectively in real time.  By integrating all your company’s operations and transactions into one system, we can provide a reliable way to help protect your company’s brand and demonstrate your value as a trusted partner in the growing natural products industry.


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